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CRE Rösler Electronic GmbH -
A company with experience and continuously developing ideas.


... First there was snow
In 1979, the northern part of Germany experienced the largest snow disaster ever.
Schleswig-Holstein, the "State between the seas", may be known for its capricious weather conditions, but people were used to the Gulf Stream bringing them generally mild winters.
Overnight they learned that this was not always the case. Extreme snowfall, in combination with fierce gusts of wind resulted in snowdrifts of more than one meter, paralysing the country.
Roads were impassable, railroad tracks were blocked; however, the worst was that power supply was affected.
The power lines did not withstand the loads of snow; they tore as if they were mere threads.

Agriculture, so important in Schleswig-Holstein was hit especially hard. Effectively managed farms rely on a high degree of mechanisation and thus energy supply.
Milking installations, conveyor belts, air conditioning systems for barns and feeding plants failed and contributed to the ensuing chaos.
Since hardly anyone had expected a situation like this, nobody was prepared.

...then there was the idea
The solution was obvious: Powerful emergency power units made agricultural operations independent from the grid in a case of emergency.
These units needed a control system. This is when our company began as a manufacturer of hundreds of control systems for emergency power units used in agricultural operations.

We earned a name as developers and manufacturers of electronic measuring devices for grain humidity for automatic grain drying. They were based on the first micro-processors available at that time, the now legendary Z80.

How we continued
The experience gained and our success encouraged us to move forward to industrial electronics. These were the most important milestones:

In 1982, development and realisation of industrial energy management systems

In1985, our first industrial PC (XT-based) “stood for” industrial automation with a 19” monitor and keyboard.

In 1988, we were able to offer a complete standard program of industrial PCs in 19” monitor technology with film keyboard for “Operation, Observation, Control”.

In 1993, we extended our standard solution by individual services, i.e. engineering for customer-specific application or “one-stop solutions”.

In 1998, our success also got a face, visible on the outside: When we began constructing a now TFT flat panel generation of 6.4" to 20.1", we moved into our new ca. 500 m² business premises.

In 2000, we saw a strong growth rate of 30% p.a.

In 2004, our company increased from 500 m² to 1.000 m². CRE celebrated its 25th anniversary.

In 2007, relocation from Itzehoe to Hohenlockstedt into our own premises.

In 2008, opening of the southern German sales office in Kaufbeuren. Growth rate of over 50%.
Patent for the quick change joint QuickLock awarded.

In 2009, opening of the western German sales office in Bergisch Gladbach.
Wonderware OEM partner.
Successful participation in innovation audit of the WTSH –Business Development and technology Transfer Corporation Schleswig-Holstein.

Where we are today …
Individual solutions demand that after sales service completes the overall concept.

Our head office is located in Hohenlockstedt near Itzehoe. This is a good choice, because this place has been developing into an important centre for electronic technologies since the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicone Technology (ISiT) relocated from Berlin to Itzehoe.

Other corporations of high technology followed and are still following. Therefore, apart from the infrastructural connection to nearby Hamburg, a potential of highly qualified personnel is available.

The CRE family has meanwhile increased to a team of 29 in Hohenlockstedt.

In Hohenlockstedt we are developing our own and customer-specific electronic devices and systems down to intelligent micro-processor applications including software for you.

Ideas become solid constructions and concrete solutions which we attend to until production is complete and checked. In November 2004 we received our ISO 9001 certification.

We invest in innovation, we invest in the future. At CRE, we regularly host our internal round table of innovations. As an active member of the “Innovationsclub” (Innovation Club) Schleswig-Holstein, we participate in an intense exchange with other industries. This way, new products are created continuously, and most of the time they are a step ahead (S line, C line, QuickLock etc.)

… and where do we want to go?
Expansion of our sales worldwide for even better customer support. The area of engineering is developing into an independent branch of the company.

Our customers are entitled to our creativity and our cost awareness. We meet both expectations by consistently combining standard components to make individual solutions.

This objective requires consistent further development of our R&D potential as well as continuously monitoring of global markets.

We come up with ideas for your benefit.

...what we are doing
We are specialists for panels, computers and more.

Tailored to your requirements we design and build HMI /MMI solutions for automation tasks in various areas and industries.

Here, we optimise human-machine communication by emphasising the ergonomic and interactive focus and we see ourselves as a specialist for serial and special products.

We are the people to turn to for challenges like these: Extreme heat, extraordinary hygienic requirements, sea water exposure, fine sand and dust and protection against vandalism.

With our technical know-how and our experience of over 31 years we are able to ensure competitive advantages in the scope of our production.

Our customers are represented in all industries.