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More efficiency for the “Smart Factory” with ZeroClient via PCoIP

Be more sustainable, cost effective, and resource saving with the new ZeroClient solution by
CRE Rösler Electronic GmbH. New opportunities can be found for a networked factory.
The trends of the fourth industrial age are: virtualisation and networking. To successfully meet the
demands of the industry 4.0, a role transition in many business areas is necessary. An increasing
number of businesses are aiming for an ideal “paperless factory”. Cost efficiency and environmental
aspects are no longer the only determining factors. Security and maintenance play a far more important
role when deciding in favour of a “smart factory”.

Implementation for a successful result

An efficient and manageable data structure can be achieved with a quality management system
integrated into the production process. Data can be stored and accessed through a central server.
Like this, information about a production stage can be accessed directly by the relevant employee.
Such a server solution ensures that information is always up to date. With the size of data networks
and the number of connected computers, it becomes increasingly important to have a centralised IT infrastructure. In particular, the new ZeroClient solution by CRE Rösler Electronic GmbH provides new opportunities for a networked factory.

Panel PC for front installation

New, budget-priced industrial panel for front mounting

Robust, reliable and precious design- this is the way how the new industrial-Panel presents
itself for integration in control panels, control desks or switchboards.

The new generation of automation-panels convince with scratch-resistant and high-definition
Displays and more usability. The panel-case is special constructed by CRE Rösler Electronic
that it is in accordance with industrial hygiene and a smooth surface. This Performance comes
up to a closeness of IP65 on the front side.

In case of this fact the cleaning is total problem-free, because the panel is water resistant,
disinfectant resistant and even acids and bases. The multi touch surface guaranteed high
acridity and high brilliance CRE Rösler Elcetronic has the perfect solution of an optimal
PCAP-touchscreen which makes the using during the rough industrial routine reliable and save.
The new budget-priced mounting monitor will be available with 15“, 19“  and 21,5“ displays
and a release handle system, which guaranteed a quick and save mounting.

Stainless steel panel PC

Stainless steel Panel PC in IP69K from CRE Rösler

CRE Rösler offers a stainless steel PC for the chemical and hygiene sectors

Its housing is
fully enclosed and has a hygienic construction, free of any indentation. Additionally, it has been
tested for the Protection Class up to IP69K. In this way, cleaning is totally unproblematic, since
the Panel PCs withstand water, disinfectants, and are even acid and lye-proof. The PC Touch-
screen is an optimised PCAP solution, including fade-out for the ball of the hand, glove operation
and higher EMC resistance. The devices are available with 15“ and 19“ displays and equipped with
a long-life Dual Atom D2550 or a Core i3 – i7 processor of the 4th generation. Optionally, you can
equip your stainless steel Panel PC with RFID, WLAN, brightness sensor, Bluetooth and/or with a heating kit.


Don’t lose control!

Some German online media currently state that German Government officials were issuing
a warning about Win 8 and the Trusted Platform Module (TPM).
Actually, The German Federal Office for Invormation Security (BSI) responds to this timely media coverage and explains that it neither did not nor does issue such warning.

BSI also says that it still sees critical aspects in the technical regards of using Windows 8
together with a TPM 2.0 Hardware.

In the present, CRE Rösler can decide if a TPM chip is being placed on the mainboard or not.
This is directly up to the CRE customer and it is fully regardless if Windows 8 is in use or not.
CRE computer mainboards come equipped with a new UEFI BIOS which do actually support
TPM upon customer’s demand.
The computer owner decides whether TPM is enabled or disabled on her or his machine.
Follow this link to see the TPM disable procedure guide (German):


New Appearance of Quality Assurance at Porsche - Contract worth a Million for CRE Rösler Electronic GmbH
CRE Rösler Electronic has been given a new contract from the car manufacturer Porsche

Acceptance: Not only CRE Rösler has already equipped the Porsche factory in Leipzig
with 300 Units of the "Red Dot Awarded" "S-Line" 2008, the Northern German corporate CRE
has been given a new million-worth contract from the car manufacturer. For the new SUV "Macan",
which assembly starts 2013 in the Leipzig factory, the Quality Assurance there is being equipped
with another series of approximately 330 panel PCs. CRE Rösler Electronic from Hohenlockstedt
has started deliveryof the first assembly line terminals in Dezember 2012. The clincher for the
contract acceptance was the high engineering standards under which CRE Rösler is working. The demands concerning the CRE extensive equipment corresonds to the former 2008 units, achieving high-level hardware and software compatibility.CRE Rösler made up a new panel PC concept
which is directly tylored to the needs of the client.


The I-line has been awarded two times!

The jury of the German "Innovationspreis-IT 2013" had been convinced to categorize the i-line among the "BEST-OF" group of innovative hardware.


For it's design quality, the i-line has been awarded with the so-called "Red Dot Award 2013"




Maximum efficiency - minimum energy consumption

As a brand new CRE Rösler Electronic development issue, a central IPC display brightness
intensity control has been brought to live. Thus, brightness of displays and illuminated pushbutton
can be under control according to the ambient light intensity. Also, operators can perform desired settings via network from a central control post.
Brightness can be adjusted automatically according to these circumstances:
- Attendance of personnel
- Intensity of ambient light
- Color of ligh tone

The facts speak for themselves: the electric power consumption is as low as unbelievable
30 Watt
of the IPC together with it’s power supply – even with the unit display revved up to 100% brightness!
At 80% brightness (which is almost not distinguishable with the bare eye) the consumption
decreases by 20% down to 80!
When the unit turns to sleep mode, it will not burn more than 17W. The less power consumption you have, the less electronics-wear-out puts debit on your future investment budget. Speaking of energy savings calculation: Assuming, having 330 Industrial CRE PCs established in your plant –
like Porsche AG in Leipzig – this saves you up to € 30.000,- a year on energy expenses! What
will the business controller say about your economic foresight?

Energy optimization: From now on, you can tune the power consumption proportionate to the performance needed. You don’t have to leave your work chair – you can do that remotely via network.
Also, your organization’s control server or any other computer can handle the automatic settings
either to a different light intensity or to “sleep mode”. The Electric consumption will dramatically
decline, due to a sophisticated high-efficiency backlight illuminating system.

Best of all: The controlling device can be integrated into all CRE Rösler Electronic IPCs.


Multi-talent Industrial Box PC with remote touch screen monitor

Sometimes you might find that an Industrial Touchscreen PC might not fit into your environment,
e.g. there is simply not enough space behind the user-machine interfaces. Sometimes, our
customers have explained that some special projects might demand very high system
or very many peripheral components interfaces (PCI) are needed or they simply have to run an
Industrial PC unit detached away from explosive gases.

For those cases it is self-understanding to use a detached CRE Industrial PC device that’s
connected to the CRE Industrial Touchscreen Monitor. CRE ensures to offer appropriate active
control line extenders (VGA / DVI and RS232/USB) which enables you to have up to 100m

The CRE Industrial BoxPC is a customizable unit that comes with a vast variety of features such as

  • Performances up to Core i7
  • Mainboards up to ATX-form factors
  • Up to six PCI-slots
  • Many PCIe slots
  • Power supply from 24VDC up to 110AC/230VAC
  • Hardware RAID 0 / 1
  • Extension slots for one 5,25” and four 2,5” size drives
  • Cooling fan control
  • Hard Disk Drive shock / vibration absorbers

Enclosures of CRE Industrial BoxPCs do also vary upon your demands:

  • 19” Rackmount
  • “Real” Industrial Box
  • Top-Hat-Rail fitting enclosures
  • Industrial “Barebone” cubes

CRE Rösler Electronic emphasizes energy efficiency and resource

The industrial PCs by CRE Rösler Electronic only consume a quarter of the energy that a normal

office PC uses. The average energy consumption of a powerful 19“ panel PC with multi
touch screen and 1.6 GHz processor is only 25 Watt. This means it uses ca. 40 Watt less than a conventional
panel PC. When using 500 devices, this means 20KW/h are consumed less – which results in
savings for electricity of about Euro 43,800  (with continuous running) per year.

Heat stays out:Due to a perfectly designed concept, heat does not reach the inside of the PC
but is deflected by the outside wall of the casing. The cool inside saves energy and at the same
extends the service life (MTBF = Mean Time Between Failures) of the devices. In addition, energy consumption can be reduced by contrasting LED backlight which is used for all models of the
S line series.

Re-usable materials: Another feature of the environmentally friendly and long-life products by
CRE Rösler Electronic is the ecological treatment of raw materials and other resources.
Wherever possible, re-usable raw materials are used for production.


Hygienic conform panel PC

Our multi touch panels with stainless steel case "CS line" and "I line" are especially suited for
chemical and hygienic applications. At a depth of 40 mm, they have a hardened, hygiene conform
full glass surface.

The cases of CRE Rösler Electronic Panel PCs are entirely closed and therefore protected safely
from soiling. Cleaning can be done without problem, because panel PCs are resistant to water, disinfectants, even acid and lye. Water, grease or emulsions may come into contact with the
surface and still 100 per cent hygienic production conditions are maintained:  Optionally, it is
possible to combine our panel PCs with scale accessories, exact measuring results are thus immediately determined, displayed and saved.

The bonded glass surface or a continuously hardened acrylic glass surface ensures high
brilliance even in full HD. Precise touch sensor technology makes it possible to operate the
panels when the operator is wearing gloves.

WLAN solutions for industrial PC S line

Most users on site know the problem: After the shop floor has been rearranged or the WLAN
network has been extended by a few clients, reception is mysteriously interrupted which can
only be remedies with considerable effort or sometimes not at all. Local engineers sometimes
spend most of the trouble shooting time by trying to reproduce the errors.

In addition, it may happen that in spite of all care the R-SMA antenna breaks off or is damaged
and cannot be easily replaced, because the connection has suffered damage too.

As an innovative solution provider with internal development department, CRE has developed a
reliable WLAN solution for industrial application that needs to have the following properties:

- Fail safe
- Physically solid
- IEEE 802.11b/g/n-draft dominated
- Operating in the 2.4GHz range
- Independently tested
- Tested by customers




Integrated WLAN solution
for industrial PC S line

The result is impressive. The 2.4GHz “printed shorted-F" antenna as dual set is realized in a way
that it is integrated in the case.

The measurements conducted by the technical college in Heide, the University of the Hamburg
as well as by a test lab on site were fully satisfying.
For a roll-out company, a German premium automobile corporation has conducted further tests
in which the CRE solution came out brilliantly.


Innovation prize for CRE Rösler Electronic

The world’s first innovation prize, the innovation prize of the German business community
announced the laureates for 2010 in April 2011. CRE Rösler Electronic is very proud to have
been awarded the certificate. Under the auspices ofDr. Annette Schavan, Federal Minister for
Research and Development, the committee awarded CRE Rösler Electronic with the Innovations
prize of the German business community 2010
. The purpose of the prize is to support the

innovative strength of the German business community and to strengthen the competitiveness of Germany internationally.


„Green Automation“ made in Germany

With the S line eco, CRE Rösler Electronic offers a fan-less touch screen panel PC with cutting
edge processors of the Intel Atom family.
The eco is available in the sizes of 15“ and 19“. The unique “energy saving concept“ from 14W
makes it an energy-efficient and very powerful panel PC for the industry. With 1.6 GHz, the
Atom N270 is the economic 2.5W core piece.

Like all the other types of the S line system family, he S line eco works without a fan. With the
contrastive LED backlight, energy consumption is further reduced. Noise level and dirt deposits
are issues of the past. The standard equipment is 1GB RAM, but the eco can be easily upgraded
to 2GB if necessary.

To set no limits, the panel PC is equipped with up to 4 serial ports and 4 USB 2.0 connections. In combination with Windows® XPE, WinXP Pro, Windows 7 and Linux, the options and the variety of applications is enormous.

The slim and light case is supplemented by well-engineered and compatible CRE carrier arm
solutions. The systems engineered by CRE Rösler Electronic are as individual as our users
and the environment. This is CRE’s special focus.


24-Zoll Panel-PC
Panel_PC_24_Zoll Kopie.jpg

24 inch panel PC

CRE Rösler Electronic has grown and announces the arrival of two new family members of its S line. As of now, in addition to the 15 and 19 inch variants, a 24 inch panel PC is available.

Thus, CRE Rösler follows the increasing demand of the industry for larger operating and display panels. It can be used as human-machine interface
or simply as display panel.

Due to its optimal resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the new devices are suitable for ambitious, brilliant graphic displays. Optionally available with
or without touch screen (resistive).



Design prize for CRE Rösler Electronic GmbH

In March 2010, panel PC “S line” was awarded the coveted                                                                     reddot design award

With its outstanding and innovative design, the S line by CRE Rösler Electronic GmbH was able
to proof its strength in one of the most well respected design contests worldwide.
In the scope of the red dot award: product design 2010, the S line was awarded the “red dot”
seal of quality for high design quality by a top class jury of experts.




Depending on requirement and application, the number and configuration of the keys can be freely designed. The function keys can be individually assigned and programmed.


Touch panel PC with integrated UPS – ultra flat and up to 90 minutes of
bridging time

All the various models, up to IP67 on the front side, are optimally suited for a rugged industrial environment. Due to UPS, the panel PCs also achieve high operational safety.
The internal UPS with 60 VA is a special feature which can be extended internally with up to
2 lithium polymer battery packs (7,4V 3A / hrs.) to 120 VA This way, a bridging time of up to
90 minutes is possible. The integrated power pack has a far range input of 9-36 VDC; it can
be operated on 12V as well as on 24V.

The UPS is protected against excess voltage and short-circuits and it contains two separate
charging regulators for the battery packs.

The scope of delivery includes a UPS module that is not only intended as charging regulator with constant voltage output. It protects the IPC from transients of the network. In addition, it includes automatic battery monitoring with the connections for serial or USB interface for switching the PC
off if the adjustable minimum voltage is not reached. The software shows information about the
battery charging level and can checked on the network.