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Brackets and installation

We provide full service for you. We don’t leave you to struggle with mounting and attaching your panels. Due to our experience of many years and of our support provided for projects directly in factory halls, we know about difficult and sometimes impracticable conditions on site.
Our experience is there for you – below we are showing some options for fastening and mounting.
We will gladly prepare a non-binding offer for your requirements.

connection console

Compact connection console

Our newest development - with a compact connection console - is designed to be mounted on the carrier arm and can also be implemented on existing carrier arm systems having a 48 mm Ø pipe.

All connections on the industrial PCs are easy to access and are located in the spacious connection compartment. This guarantees fast access to the power supply, Ethernet, and optional fieldbus, USB, or RS232 connectors.


Panel PC Anschluss

Patented quick change joint QuickLock
Changing the panel PC, i.e. electrical and mechanical disconnection from the carrier arm is possible within 30 sec. by only one person without special tools or special knowledge. After changing, the device independently logs on and can be used immediately. The electrical transfer point of the interfaces to the outside is pluggable; it consists of a 100Mbit LAN USB 2.0 connection and a power connection.


Carrier arm system - flexible, robust and multi-purpose
The new connection concept offers the full range of panel mobility and thus ensures an ergonomic operating position.

  • Turning
  • Tilting
  • Turning and tilting
  • Pivoting
  • Raising
  • Lowering
carrier arm system

Solid carrier arm system up to 90 kg
Closed system with accessibility of the system elements

Individual enclosure suspension systems
Suspension systems for medium and heavy load capacity
High load capacity as system parts are made of spheroidal
Problem-free adjustment of the systems



Carrier arm lift with industrial panel
Made for a test bench for car bodies. Complete design by CRE
Wide screen panel 24” • 1920 x 1200 full HD in
CDT case with additional handles. After use, the carrier arm swings back into its raised home position,
providing free space for further production. Inside cable ducts.
Individual CRE fastening solution with installation and cabling by CRE.


19" S line with Rittal rotating-tilting joint implementation of the S line panel into an existing carrier arm system. With this solution, it is uncomplicated and easy to attach the S line to existing Rittal carrier arms or rotating-tilting joints.


Vesa carrier arm for wall / machine installation
Inside cable ducts,
optional QuickLock (quick change joint)


Vesa carrier arm with rotating-tilting joint VESA carrier arm systems with rotating-tilting joint and connection to 48 mm Ø pipe
inside cable duct and optional QuickLock (quick change joint). Rotating/tilting joint
Version with VESA QuickLock (patented) quick change joint for carrier arm installation and flat cases

Höhenverstellung für Bedienposition 3.jpg

Operating positions height-adjustable
Any height scalable. With cable duct by means of
supported cable carrier. Installation on floor and/or ceiling
Input system height-adjustable
electrical height-adjustability, optionally automatic, ergonomic operating positions


Wall installation / pivoting arm
For fastening to a well with the requirement of being able to pivot the S line during operation (horizontal pivoting from wall connection joint at an angle of ca. 85° left and 85° right).
Horizontal and vertical lengths are variable.

Fig. with rotating/tilting joint and QuickLock




Table top mounting / table rack
A stable steel rack bears the QuickLock (quick change joint)
Height adjustment ensures a height delta of ca. 200 mm.
Cables are supplied from the rear.
The weight of the rack is ca. 5kg. The QuickLock is always over the centre of the floor plate.

Available also without QuickLock


Tragarm höhenverstellbar.png

Wall installation height-adjustable
The horizontal HLT pipe is mounted to a vertical wall, the length of the pipe is variable. The vertical pipe is height-adjustable and its lower end is mounted in a rotating-tilting joint.

Fig. with QuickLock

Tragarm 4.png

Wall installation
The horizontal HLT pipe is mounted to a vertical wall or system. The lower end of the vertical pipe is mounted in a rotating-tilting joint; here, installation of QuickLock is fast and uncomplicated.

Fig. with QuickLock


Tragarm 5.png

Carrier arm for ceiling installation
A vertical HLT pipe ends in a rotating-tilting joint / QuickLock by means of HLT/48 mm Ø pipe adapter


Simple Vesa carrier arm for wall installation
with rotating-tilting joint


Floor rack “rigid”, simplified version.
A vertical HLT pipe ends in a rotating-tilting joint / QuickLock by means of HLT/48 mm Ø pipe adapter. Cables are supplied from BELOW over the basis.
Floor plate with foot support and fastening holes.

Fig. with rotating/tilting joint