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Industrial Panel for front installation

Front installation monitor – multi-touch complete with full glass surface

Robust, reliable and in a refined design – our new industrial panel for installation in switch boards, control panels or switch cabinets.
Operate, observe, control – the new generation of the 19" automation panels manage to captivate thanks to the:

• Scratch-proof, high-resolution display
• Optimised capacitive multi-touch surface
• High transmission 
• Excellent operability when wearing gloves
• Fast and simple installation
• Excellent price

Einbau Monitor

Monitor für Einbau

New, industrial multi-touch monitor (PCAP)

  • Not sensitive towards liquid – ensures safe operation
  • Can be cleaned during operation – not necessary to switch the device off
  • Operation via the heel of the hand is blocked – the touch-screen is not influenced by the heel of the hand – "ten input points" of up to 10 finger inputs are simultaneously evaluated by the controller
  • Glove operability preserved – calibration can be performed in a specific manner
  • High level of transmission – better translucence, ultimate brilliance
  • Higher EMC resistance
Einbau Panel


Device data

• 19" LED - TFT display  
• Resolution 1280 x 1024
• Brightness: 300 cd/m²
• Contrast 1300 : 1
• Capacitive multi-touch
• Connections: DVI-D, VGA, 230 V, USB-B (Touch)
. RS 232, USB-B (RFID)
• Front side protection class IP65
• Dimensions: 460 x 442 x 66 mm
• Weight: 6 kg
• Clamping system for fast installation and removal



Installation made easy

Thanks to the clamping lever system, the installation of the panel is child's play.

Prior to the installation of the devices, the section dimensions must be adjusted and the switch cabinet must be equipped with the required installation section for the device dimensions of the PC – in doing so, the wall thickness may measure between 1 mm and 5 mm.
The device is inserted into the section from the front and the clamping levers are then slightly undone using an Allen key in order to turn it to the side by 90° and the screws are then tightened once again.