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Stainless Steel Panel-PC and Monitors

Our Stainless Steel Panel PC has been designed for being operated in production environments with high-levelled hygienic demands – such as in the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industry.
CRE Stainless Steel Panel PCs meet highest standards in functionality and optical design. The rugged stainless steel enclosure is equipped with an industrial-suited capacitive multi-touchscreen which meets highest demands.

Our hygienic operator unit is available as monitor and as PanelPC.

  • Screen diameter ranges from 15“ to - 21,5“
  • Resistive Touchscreen (SAW oder projective
    capacitive types) available
  • Surfaces made of: plastic touch foil, acrylics or glas
  • Hygienic
  • Fanless comuting design
  • Operation temperatures from -30°C bis 50°C
  • Ingress Protection IP69K
  • Low on energy consumption
  • UPS-integration
  • Easy-to-upgrade
  • Longterm-available components
  • Processors from von Dual Atom D2550 bis Core i 4th Gen.
  • optionally: Wi-Fi, RFID, Bluetooth, heating kit, audio output via glas surface
  • Operating system: Windows, Linux

stainless steel panel pc
stainless steel panel pc stainless steel panel PC stainless steel keybord Stainless steeel panel pc  

For better overview of what is possible with stainless steel we have included some examples of customer applications. We will gladly prepare a non-binding offer for your requirements.


Stainless steel industrial panel 65”

V4A DIN 1.4571 • 16:9 display • PC integration • CRE integrated temperature control, humidity, temperature, thawing• static calculation of the holders • front IP69K • resistant against cleaning with rotating brushes


by CRE

rugged – reliable – powerful – beautiful

Application as central terminal for your PDA in production environment of the heavy industry or in the visiting area of your production unit or as hygiene conform visitor terminal in your spa clinic / operating theatre – the Centerline has an elegant appearance and a sturdy interior.

Hard steel and shining glass still generate the highest permanent investment protection.

In line with your desired application, we will scale your system performance and your tough type – if necessary, protected against vandalism or even for outdoor setup.

The stainless steel “S line” has found its optimal placement here. Apart from perfect appearance it can optionally also be fitted with powerful WLAN (n-draft), technical goodies like multi-touch systems and modern operating systems such as Windows 7 and Linux.

Edelstahl seitlich


Hygienic line by CRE

Rugged - reliable - powerful - economic

Batch tracking in the area of food & beverages, PDA, HACCP or IFS-compliance – the requirement is always to use a washable touch IPC.

Now you can fulfil this requirement in a very economic way – using the H-line by CRE. Its 15” screen diagonal and the steel whose type you may order from CRE at V4A gave this star in the area of hygiene its name.

The serial appliance comes with a particularly sturdy and impact-resistant all glass touch screen, two powerful integrated computers and an IP65 case.

Hard steel and an equally hard resistive all glass touch screen, resistant against chemicals, scratch-proof, abrasion-resistant and operable with gloves.

In line with your desired application, we will scale your system performance and your tough type – if necessary, protected against vandalism or even for outdoor setup.