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Welcome to CRE Rösler Electronic, your industrial PC specialists!

Excellent industrial hardware: panel PCs, industrial PCs and industrial monitors for heavy-duty applications

Over three decades of experience: We manufacture exceptionally robust and high-performance industrial PCs and panel PCs, plus tough industrial monitors for use in harsh environments. CRE Rösler Electronic – your reliable partner. We are happy to provide you with extensive advice about the products we offer and help you ensure the optimum deployment of our premium hardware at your company.

24-hour operation – it’s our standard!

For both industrial PCs and panel PCs, all products from CRE Rösler Electronic are designed for long-term availability and 24-hour operation – and under the harshest conditions

Our customers include prestigious multinationals such as Porsche and Siemens. Try out the outstanding quality of our products for yourself: our patented modular design principle means that you can combine products from any of our ranges to suit your requirements. This lets you put together the perfect, tailor-made solution for your company. Advice is of course available whenever you need it: why not call to chat to one of our experts today?

Innovation and sound design sense – industrial panels from Rösler Electronic

For more than 35 years, CRE Rösler Electronic has been one of the leading providers of industrial solutions for the automation, logistics, warehousing, chemicals, food and hygiene sectors. Our company provides you with high-quality mobile panel PC solutions that you can customise and combine with other devices to meet the specific requirements of your individual company. Our industrial PC systems can also be found in use anywhere computerised control units are deployed to manage machines, plant and processes: Our premium products are used in production lines and industrial facilities all over the world!

Selected products from CRE Rösler Electronic:

Hygiene PC
Einbau Panel PC
Panel PC
mobiler Panel PC
Panel PC
Panel-PC for front installation
S-Line Serie
mobile Panel-PC
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An industrial monitor, just as you imagine it

To complement your industrial PC, we can also supply industrial monitors featuring outstanding workmanship. Regardless of the branch of industry in which the monitor will be deployed, we work with you to develop the ideal product: our comprehensive portfolio ranges from off-the-shelf products to tailor-made multitouch solutions produced to your specific requirements!

Rugged and high-performance: industrial box PCs for your company

Thanks to our modular design principle, we can offer you a standards-compliant and cost-effective industrial box PC to suit your exact requirements in any and every industrial environment. The computers are robust and continue to perform reliably even in the harshest of conditions. Our industrial PCs are used in control systems, signal processing networks and visualisation environments. If necessary, all industrial PCs can of course be designed as “fanless” computers.

Touch panel PC or mobile panel PC?

Touchscreens simplify any kind of PC work and manufacturing is no exception. A touch panel for monitoring and controlling production workflows is now an indispensable part of many manufacturing setups. Our product range includes rugged touch panel PCs designed for stationary mounting as well as a portable mobile panel PC that’s capable of handling the toughest day-to-day conditions. One particular strength of our mobile panel PCs is their transflective display, which guarantees outstanding image quality even in direct sunlight – making them the perfect work PC for outdoor applications!

Production, delivery, installation: your panel PC from CRE

We naturally also care very much about the installation of your panel PC: We supply touch panels for front-fitting as well as modern panels that can be mounted anywhere in the room. For the installation of suspended panel PCs, we have developed a veritable arsenal of specialised mounting brackets. And we also have the just the right solution strategies for your industrial plant – enjoy the benefits of our many years of experience!

Your one-stop shop: Whether you need an industrial monitor, an industrial box PC, panel PC or mobile panel PC, our PCs and accessories all feature outstanding workmanship. Our products can handle the most demanding conditions encountered in an industrial facility and run smoothly and reliably 24 hours a day. Entrust your production to premium technology “Made in Germany”: For industrial PCs or panel PCs – with high-end hardware from CRE Rösler Electronic you always stay a step ahead of the competition.We look forward to your order!


Interested in our touch PCs and industrial panel PCs?

Your advantages from CRE Rösler Electronic:


  • Ultra-high-performance, hard-wearing products
  • Low power consumption
  • Sophisticated interface specifications
  • Long-term availability
  • Upgradable – to protect your investment
  • Service-friendly construction
  • Attractive design



      • More performance
      • Maximum economies of scale
      • Supports efficient factory layout
      • Ergonomics in the workplace
      • Implementation support
      • Service-friendliness of our devices
      • Designed-in protection for your investment
      • Best-of-breed ROI/TCO
      • Flexibility when task definitions change

If you’re also looking to optimise production workflows and achieve targeted reductions in energy costs, your best option is a touchscreen or industrial panel PC from CRE Rösler Electronic. We look forward to your order!